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A central place where anyone can get an easy yet professional business, as well as personal formats, is the theme of this site. Printable Templates that are formatted is a specific site offering a wide range of state of art Word Documents in many Formats. All these templates are easy to download from this site and we do not require any membership, email verification or word verification from you if you wish to download or use our created and chosen formats.

This is an open source platform where anybody from anywhere can come and collect his/her required document.

All segments in this site are well chosen by our experts and specifically taken from some high-quality sites. All you need is to do is search and choose your segment from which you want to download your template. For instance, if you are interested in Business Templates, then on the right sidebar of this website, there is a widget of Categories and you can select “Formatted Business Templates, Plan templates etc..” to see what format you are looking. S

Here are a few of our TOP templates which we chose from some best websites across the Internet. We are sure, by using these formats, you can take maximum advantage of setting up your business or document correctly.

1- Meeting Agenda Template DOCX

2- Meeting Minutes Template DOCX

3- Loan Agreement Template DOCX

4- Lease Agreement Template DOCX

5- SWOT Analysis Template DOCX

6- Bill of Sale Template DOCX

7- Executive Summary Template DOCX

8- Promissory Note Template DOCX

9- Salary Certificate Template DOCX

10- Rent Receipt Template DOCX

11- Status Report Template DOCX

12- Wanted Poster Template DOCX

13- Lesson Plan Template DOCX

14- Action Plan Template DOCX

15- To Do List Template DOCX

You can contact us if you feel your required format is not available or not yet uploaded. We shall try our level best to upload your required format as early as possible.

Keep visiting us to check out our new formats section. You can reach to us in case if you found any download link broker or not functioning properly.

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How To Use Our Templates

Meeting Minutes Format provided here is the best example of professional work. A lot of research, as well as surveys, have been conducted to find out the best format which can be used to obtain desirable results. Instructions:

1-      First thing is to understand what your requirements are and how you can meet them by downloading a template.

2-      What design should you need that mitigate with your requirements? This is the question that you must ask from yourself before downloading any template.

3-      What amount of contents or set of contents you want in your format? This will help you to finalize the space requirement.

4-      What software you want to use?

5-      There is no one format that exactly matches with your desired requirements.

6-      A template must allow its users to modify and amendments its contents and layout. This will ease your tension and helps you to make a perfect format.

7-      The file size does matter. So try to find a lightweight template which can easily upload at any website or database.

Our provided templates here is the one which meets all requirements at mention above except point # 4. Since this format is prepared in MS Word, so you will need an MSWord version 2007 or 2010 on system in order to edit/ open the documents.


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