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Also in May, Hochster sued De La Tour, who argued that he should not have to pay Hochster because Hochster had not stood ready and willing to begin work in June, having already agreed to work for Lord Ashburton.


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At the hearing, Broadstripe argued that it had not repudiated the APA and indicated a willingness to close as soon as the closing conditions were met. When a supplier learns that a customer may be contemplating bankruptcy, it is well advised to explore options for mitigating losses.

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The Norcon Powerdecision opens up the possibilityof extending the doctrine of adequate assurance beyond UCC contracts, especially in the context of longterservices contracts like the one at issue in that case.

The right to demand adequate assurances of performance thus protects a bedrock expectation of most contract parties: that each can expect to receive due performance so long as it timely meets its own obligations.

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